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Cassie Dalton RYT 200 – Hatha Flow Yoga
A lifetime ago, I was sick and struggling to heal. While seeking far and wide for a diagnosis, I inadvertently stumbled onto the path of Yoga. Through Yoga, I began to understand that my health struggles were really the manifestations of an unbalanced life. As I practiced and read and applied the lessons I was learning, I started to come back toward my center and find the balance I so desperately craved.   While my personal journey will never end, I have come to a place on my path where I can turn around and help those behind me find their footing. I completed North Georgia Yoga Center’s rigorous teacher training program in 2017 and am now registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200. I am working toward becoming a RYT-500 in 2018. I would be honored to walk with you on your journey back to yourself and into your fullest life imaginable.  Let’s go – no shoes required!
Danna Foster
Danna Foster RYT 200 – Restorative Yoga and Work Week Wind Down classes
“Welcome! My favorite style of yoga is Restorative. I’ve led a busy lifestyle in which I didn’t do much self-care and found myself slowly dwindling in energy as I never “refilled my pot” and was constantly giving to others but not giving much time for me. Thankfully I expanded my practice at NGYC, have learned to develop and practice self-care, and have been sharing with others the bliss of restorative yoga and slow flow. I’d love to see you in class, creating time for love and care of yourself, refilling your pot, and creating some space in your life to support daily stressors. My goal for you is a space where you can let go of those things that do not serve you and find some space to breathe in the moment on your mat and hopefully carry that into your daily life. See you on the mat!”
Martha Dickerson RYT 200 – Vinyasa Flow
“I am a RYT 200 working on my 300hr training. I am an older Yoga teacher with life, work, stress, pain, relationships and motherhood as my journey to Yoga. I have practiced for over 10 years and wanted to expand my interest in Yoga philosophy and asanas. Yoga has brought me back to the person I am striving to be in body, mind and spirit. I have always been a leader and teacher in my work and life, a yoga teacher was cracking open in me!  Yoga teacher training came naturally to me as my next journey after retiring.  As I have learned in life I will always be a student:) I teach Vinyasa, lengthen and strengthen and Yoga basics. I want every body to move and I will help you make that happen. We will have fun and raise that metabolism! Come join me to connect with yourself again! Namaste:)”
25399023_10155948002373245_7403180784596289755_nSusan K. Csomor (Susie)RYT 200- Restorative Yoga
“I am a long time yoga lover and believer, turned teacher! With a practice spanning twenty years, I have been in and out of different yoga classes at different times in my life, but I had a dream for myself years ago that I would someday teach. After a teaching career and finishing a Master’s of Secondary English in 18th Century British literature, I was able to complete my RYT 200 and enroll in the 300 RYT training program here at NGYC. My passion is Restorative yoga and some Slow Flow, with the interesting twist of interweaving literature into the intentions of the group practice. My goal as a Restorative teacher is to support and hold space for people looking to slow down a bit from daily life and to just be okay, right where they are. As a believer in staying present, we cannot move forward efficiently or healthily in any moment until we look at and examine ourselves honestly where we are, how we are. Restorative classes offer a healthy, safe place to do this. With support and gentle acceptance, we can take what we gain on the mat, out into our every day lives and into the world. It is my belief that, as Maya Angelou tells us:  “Strong women and strong men protect the children, tend the ailing, care for the aged, and in fact, reassure the entire world.”
IMG_0244 Sarah Howell, LMT, RYT200 – Vinyasa Flow
#MT010151 Sarah Howell graduated NGYC’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in October of 2018 and is currently working towards completing her 300hr teacher training to become RYT500. In 2014, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist after graduating from Georgia Massage School and is a current student of Graphic Design at the University of North Georgia. She integrates her extensive anatomy background and passion for the arts into each class for a truly mindful, creative, and dynamic flow. Her approach to Vinyasa allows for gentle stretching of the whole body while also building strength. “My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe space for all to empower themselves – to not only know their body, but also how listen to it. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!”