Danna Foster
Danna Foster RYT 200 – Restorative Yoga and Work Week Wind Down classes
“Welcome! My favorite style of yoga is Restorative. I’ve led a busy lifestyle in which I didn’t do much self-care and found myself slowly dwindling in energy as I never “refilled my pot” and was constantly giving to others but not giving much time for me. Thankfully I expanded my practice at NGYC, have learned to develop and practice self-care, and have been sharing with others the bliss of restorative yoga and slow flow. I’d love to see you in class, creating time for love and care of yourself, refilling your pot, and creating some space in your life to support daily stressors. My goal for you is a space where you can let go of those things that do not serve you and find some space to breathe in the moment on your mat and hopefully carry that into your daily life. See you on the mat!”
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Mandy Northrop, RYT 200
“I am a 200hr yoga alliance certified teacher; I did my training in Mail Pais Costa Rica, working on my 300hr at NGYC. I love teaching flow classes as well as restorative. I suffered from seizures for most of my teens and early 20 and felt like I had no control over my body, that’s when I found yoga. It gave me a sense of control Within my body between working with the breath and the physical asana. It gave me a safe place within myself. Throughout the years, my passion and desire to cultivate a personal practice has grown to a point that I wanted to share the benefits and love I have for the practice. I have been practicing for over ten years and cannot imagine my life without this practice.”