If you are new to our center, WELCOME, we’re glad you’re here. Below are some tips to help you out. Pre-registration is the only way to currently (due to COVID) to attend our class series, however we do have a few donation classes that you can pre-register to attend. Please arrive ten minutes early to get acquainted with the space. Be sure to bring your own mat as we are not offering mats at this time due to Covid-19. PLEASE BE ON TIME! All classes begin and end promptly. Come a few minutes early and unwind before class. It’s unfair to those in class to be disturbed therefore please know that if you are late you will not be able to get in. We lock our doors. Be prepared to practice barefoot with loose/stretchy comfortable clothes for all classes. For your comfort do not eat a large meal 2 hours prior to a class. Please do not wear heavy cologne, perfumes, essential oils or large jewelry to class. Your classmates also really appreciate if you don’t come with strong body odor. If you have a heart condition or any other serious ailment, please let your instructor know BEFORE class begins.