First time to the studio? Please print this PDF Waiver and bring to class.
Whether you are new to yoga or just new to North Georgia Yoga Center, Welcome!   If you enjoy attending classes with us, be sure to ask about all of our pricing options. We’ll be happy to help you find the best membership or class pack option to suit your needs. Come and find out why 16 million Americans are doing yoga regularly. It really works!  

New to Yoga… Awesome!

You’ve made an excellent choice by checking out yoga. We’re sure you’ve heard of all the great benefits of yoga. We want to help you start in a sustainable way. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 706.350.4021 or email us The most important thing is to start with an appropriate class. There is nothing more discouraging than jumping in over your head to start with. Many new-comers to yoga, especially fit people, think it’s just stretching and will start with a mid level or advanced class. They get their butt kicked and don’t come back. Please start with a beginner or basic class. Beginning Students, elders, pregnant women or those with injuries should start with a beginner level 1 class. Let the EGO go….Not sure? email us:

Levels of Yoga Practice Breakdown according to North Georgia Yoga Center, LLC:

Level 1: Never practiced Yoga. Recovering from injury. Over 55 or “I have not practiced for years.” Remember, patience makes for a sustainable practice without injury. Level 1.5: You have a weekly practice discipline. You have taken more than 10 Beginner Yoga classes at North Georgia Yoga Center. You have discussed with your teacher EXACTLY what classes you can take. You are able to take the Alignment classes and feel strong in the poses, NOT depleted of strength! Level 2: You practice at least three times a week. You are exploring the world of inversions and their variations. You can comfortably take the Alignment, Mixed Level classes. You feel challenged in the Intro Vinyasa classes. Level 2.5: You are comfortable with inversions and can hold shoulder stand and headstand for 2-5 minutes. You can take all classes listed and feel challenged in the Strength classes. Level 3: You have an at home practice at least 4 times a week. You can hold inversions longer than five minutes and enjoy all classes offered including the Vinyasa classes suggested for Level 2.5 and higher.

Still not sure?

Schedule a private session and let us help you pick out the best classes for your level right now! Email us: