North Georgia Yoga Center is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. We provide a 200-hour training program that meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards. Students who complete trainings with RYS’s are eligible to register as RYT 200s.

We Offer Teacher Training

click here to apply   The following curriculum requirements are strongly emphasized:
  • commitment to the entire program
  • practice meditation or pranayama at least 10-20 minutes a day
  • practice asana at least 1/2 to 2 hours a day
  • daily journal writing to record above practice
  • one research paper: 5-10 pages due
  • several 1-2 page papers due
  • attend 2-3 different level Yoga classes between each weekend and write up evaluations
  • out of class, unsupervised student teaching hours
  • 12 required textbooks + additional reading means lots of reading!!
CURRICULUM HOURS (meets Yoga Alliance standards)
  • techniques: 100
  • teaching methodology: 29
  • anatomy/physiology 26
  • philosophy, ethics, lifestyle 30
  • practicum 10
  • electives/homework 45
  Full attendance in the Yoga Teacher’s Training is required for Yoga Alliance certification. It is not recommended or desired that you anticipate missing any weekends or segments. In the case of emergency only, making up the weekend will require extra time, money and sometimes travel. You will need to pay the Make Up Fee ($200), this covers administrative costs in rescheduling. Then depending on what was taught during the missed session, you will have to pay (in addition to the $200 Make Up Fee), the private hourly rate from the teacher who taught the segment that was missed. Most instructors charge a make up fee of $75 an hour, (this is in addition to the $200). If you miss more than one weekend, or three full days of our Teacher Training, you will be dropped out of the program and made to re-enroll in another future program. Yoga Alliance will not certify you until you have completed your certificate through the North Georgia Yoga Center. Again, you are strongly urged to NOT enroll going into a Yoga Teacher’s Training knowing you will need a make up. It is costly, and it will most likely never be the same quality of learning as with your original group of peers.
  • Cost of program is $2800, although early bird specials exist.
  • Students must fill out an application and submit a $500 deposit to reserve a spot in the trainings. Please fill out the application below before you register and pay.
  • Tuition does not include accommodations, books, travel or food
  • We will accept the first 10 applicants that qualify for the 7 weekend program. Once the program fills, there will be a waiting list you can join.
  • We accept checks, cash, Visa, MC, Amex and Discover